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After Graduation/Post Graduation Are You Ready/Able For Job ??????????
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100% Job Oriented Course
Individually Course covered by Candidate(Duation not Fix )

Quickbooks  used in Canadain & United State Business

Quickbook is a Canadian accounting software, Widely used by business organization in Canada. Bhardwaj Computers Provide practical training on Quickbooks as per Canadian norms  with real-life bills, vouchers, bank statements, and GST Invoices.

This software helps the students to find sitting jobs in Canada. Our Course material is regularly updated to keep to student updated about latest changes as per Canadian Accounting System. Training Material build by experienced Accounting Professionals, Advocate & Chartered Accountants.

Design Of Course

The design of the course is made as when a student goes to Canada and tries to get a job in accounting he may be familiar with accounting concepts and accounting software, there by giving him preference over other students. Having a knowledge of quickbooks may lead him to sitting jobs in Canada. The training is provided on the Canadian version of the Quickbooks. Emphasis is given to each and every topic regular test is conducted..Bhardwaj Computers being an ISO Certified Institute the Quality of the training is always high.

Future of Quickbooks

The future of Quickbooks is bright according to the job market survey statistics which project a 74% increase in accounting jobs opening by next financial year. Demand of accounting jobs is especially high in the international sector also. Especially in Canada- Us firms. there is lot of demand in Quickbooks.So many Professionals-Firms in Metro-Cities,NCR,india handle Accounts of Overseas-Aboard Clients

Why accounting as a career

An accountant is required in each & every company, firm or organization & it is required forever. Therefore this profession has very best scope & long career prospects which is not there in other.

Are bookkeepers in demand in Canada?

Bookkeepers are in a unique position where they are in demand across the country and by companies of all sizes. This means that you could work almost anywhere in Canada. Naturally, regions with a large business presence such as Ontario, British Columbia, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal present the Most opportunities for bookkeepers.

Module 01 : Starting Quick Books Pro,
Enterprises  Accounting Software Version
A. Opening Quick Books Accounting
B. Identifying parts of the screen
C. . Identifying menus and toolbars
Module 02 : Setting up Quick Books
A. Identifying sections
B. Navigating in Quick Books
C. Using Easy Step interview
D. Entering the information
E. Backup the information
Module 03: Lists
A. Editing the chart of accounts
B. Working with customer list
C. Working with employee list
D. Working with vendor list
E. Adding custom fields
F. Managing lists
G. Printing lists
Module 4 : Working with Customers
A. Invoice
B. Sales Receipt
C. Sales forms
D. A/R Register
E. Memorizing sales
F. Entering a new service item
G. Recording customer payment
H. Making deposits
Module 5 : Customizing forms
A. Creating a new template
B. Designing a custom layout for an invoice form
C. Using Quick Books letter
Module 6 : Working with Vendors
A. Accounts payable
B. Enter bills
C. Pay bills
D. Write checks
Module 7 : Bank accounts
A. Entering checks directly
B. Bank account register
C. Entering a handwritten check
D. Transferring money between accounts
E. Reconciling checking accounts
Module 8 : Other accounts
A. Tracking credit card transactions
B. Asset accounts
C. Liability accounts
Module 9 : Analyzing financial data
A. Creating Quick Reports
B. Preset Reports
C. Exporting to excel
D. Creating Quick Insight graphs
Module 10 : Sales tax/GST Canada
A. Setting up tax rates and agencies
B. Grouping single tax together
C. Identifying most common tax
D. Indicating who and what gets taxed
E. Applying tax to each sale
F. Determining what you owe
G. Paying tax agencies
Module 11 : Payroll
A. Setting up payroll
B. Adding payroll items
C. Setting up employee payroll information
D. Writing payroll checks E. Tracking tax liabilities
E. Payroll taxes, Printing 940 and 941 forms
Module 12: Estimating and progress invoicing
A. Creating jobs and estimates
B. Creating an invoice form an estimate
C. Projects reports for estimates
D. Updating job status

BasiComputer Knowledge (Module 1) Manual Accounting(Module 2) Computerised Accounting
(Quickbooks/MYOB-GST) (Module 3)
Knowledge of Basic Computer Win7/Win8/Win10 Daybook/Cash Book Accounts Entry Punching in Tally Without Stock Items
MS Word  Ledger Preparation (Day Book) & Checking With Manual Report
MS Excel Preparation of Trial Balance PRACTICE PROJECT 1
MS Power Point Preparation of Trading Account/Profit & Loss Account
Email & Internet  Preparation of Depriciation,Balance Sheet
Advance Computerized  Accounting (Module 4) Tax Affairs (Direct & Indirect Tax)
 GST & Income Tax(Module 5)
Advance Excel Module 6
Accounting With Inventory Types of Statutory Invoicing (Tax Invoice) MS EXCEL( ALL QUICKBOOKS REPORT EXPORT TO EXCEL)
Accounting With Inventory(GST Problem no 1)  INCOME TAX  GST RETURN IN EXCEL
Accounting With Inventory(GST Problem no 2) LOAN/FINANCE/EMI CALULATION IN EXCEL
Accounting With Inventory(GST Problem no 3) SHARE SALES/PURCHASE/PROFIT & LOSS
Quickbooks Advance Level + Quickbook Level 1+Advance Excel Rs.16800
Advance Inventory (Module 7) Management Account System (Module 8) Banking/Insurance/Share(Module 10)
Raw Material to Production(Manufucturing) COST CENTRES Banking Document
 How to Handle Post Dated Cheques/Entry Employee or Branch Profit/Loss Share Trading
 Quotation/Sales Order /Delivery Note / Tax Invoice Make Projected Balance Sheet for Bank Loan  O/D Finanace
Product Requirement Statement (Reorder Level) How to Apply  Credit Limit for Customers Trade wise  Actual Practical Accounts (Module 14)
 Multiple GST Rates in Single Invoice   Target Vs Achievement   LIFE MORE HOSPITAL(DOCTORS) 
 Cash Discount treatment in Receipts   Backup-Restore Automobile(2 Wheeler/4 Wheeler)
 Price List/Discount (Trade Discount)  Audit Report (Final Reports Trading
/ Profit & Loss/ Balance Sheet)
College/School/Institute PROJECT
Payroll(Module 9)  Data Secutiry(Make User Passwords) Lubricant Trading Accounts
Payroll (Make Salary to Employees) Account with Inventory Project   OM LAPTOP HOUSE
Registrar of Company(Module 11) New Financial Year or Closing Books   DEPARTMENTAL STORE
New Company Registration Process Legal Document(Module 13)   BHARDWAJ COTTON INDUSTRIES
Statutory Records How to make Rent Deed   BHARDWAJ FANS LIMITED
Internation Trade(Module 12) How to make Partnership Deed   BHARDWAJ VIDEOCON LTD
Invoicing in Multi Currency
import-export documentation
Institute Of Professional Accountants & IT
IPAIT courses focus predominantly on teaching QuickBooks and Bookkeeping skills, while developing students’ knowledge so that they can quickly navigate the program and find the commands that they need. For your convenient we have divided the QuickBooks program into two levels, basic and advanced. A teacher will work you one-on-one throughout your entire program. Upon program completion you will receive your QuickBooks Certificate
                                          IPAIT is a certified Institution registered under ISO 9001:2015 Certified
          Trial Class:
The academy also provides Trial Class before joining the course after a nominal registration fee.these class are also a part of our course.These class also prove the quality of our education system. So that students can take a decistion with free mnd for joining the course.Students can register for QuickBooks I, QucikBooks II, or for the full package of Bookkeeping & QuickBooks, each at very affordable prices.
Computerized Bookkeeping
One of the most in demand skills in today’s job market is bookkeeping. At IPAIT we train our students to be able to work as bookkeepers. This program covers QuickBooks level I, QuickBooks level II, as well as the concepts behind Bookkeeping. Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate of completion that will demonstrate to employers your capabilities. Simply having a Bookkeeping certificate will make the process of securing a job in this field easier because it shows prospective employers who are looking for a Bookkeeper, that you have the knowledge of QuickBooks, and bookkeeping skills necessary to do the job effectively.
Benefit of Training: Career Option after Course
>> Get Trained /Get Certified (certificate of completion) >> Learn QuickBooks from a highly trained professional Account-Finance Manager/Sr.Accountant
>> Get experience for the job market >> Be job ready with  QuickBooks Part-Time Accountant/Banking Executive/Store Manager/HR Manager/Warehouse Executive/Manager For Retail Operation/Payroll Accountants/Tax Accountants/Audit Assistant/Audit Clerk/Assistant to C.A-Advocate/Junior Accountant/Data Entry Operator/Billing Executive
>> Complete the program in less than 6 weeks >> Learn QuickBooks with no prior experience
 >> The lowest course fees in India >> Get to know how to use QuickBooks for your business
 >> No extra charges >> Obtain your certificate of completion upon completion of the course
Bhardwaj Computers Canadian College of Education
   Quickbooks Courses + Materials are included + Certificate   Time   Fees   Time              Fees                     Saving
 20-25 hours intensive QuickBooks level  I  20 Hrs-Flexible       Rs.9800 6 Hours      $295                        6425.00
35-40 hours intensive QuickBooks Level I & II  35 Hrs- Flexible    Rs.13800 12 Hours     $700                       7000.00
40-50 hours Advance Excel+ QuickBooks Level I & II 
(Best Course For Job)
60 Hrs-Flexible     Rs.16800 20 Hours   $964-1200                 36220.00

Course Syllabus :-

Creating a QuickBooks company file

How to create QuickBooks reports

Entering company information

How to save and print reports

Setting up QuickBooks preferences

Exporting reports to Microsoft Excel

Choosing a start date

Turning on the inventory feature

Setting up income and expense accounts

How to enter products/services into inventory

Entering opening balances

How to enter a purchase order

Using QuickBooks help features

How to record receipt of inventory items

Using QuickBooks list features

How to enter a bill for inventory items

Editing the Chart of Accounts

How to enter an inventory adjustment

Working with the customer:job list

How to setup your sales tax in QuickBooks

Working with the employee list

How to file a sales tax return

Working with the vendor list

How to create jobs and estimates

Managing lists

How to create multiple estimates

Writing a QuickBooks cheque

How to create an invoice from an estimate

Using bank account registers

How to setup QuickBooks invoicing feature

Entering a handwritten cheque

How to display reports for estimates

Transferring money between accounts

How to update job status

Reconciliation of chequing accounts

How to use QuickBooks time tracking feature

Entering a sales invoice in QuickBooks

How to invoice a customer based on time

Entering a new item

How to display project reports for time tracking

Using multiple price levels

How to pay non-employees for time worked

Recording customer payments

How to customize reports and forms

Making deposits

Entering bills from vendors

Paying bills from vendors

 Computerized Bookkeeping     Moudle 1

   Computerized Bookkeeping      Moudle 2          

What is bookkeeping?

Work in computerized Accounting Cycle

Sole proprietorship VS Partnership

Merchandise Inventory (Buying & Selling)

Debit and Credit

Payroll Concept and Taxes

Daily Bookkeeping process

HST Taxes

From paper to computer software

The Statement of Cash Flows

Balance Sheet

Income Statement


Capital Statement


Financial Statements


Gross Wages VS Net Wages


Bad Debt

Cost of Goods Sold

Total Adjustments and Corrections

Expenses (different categories)

Closing the Book

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable


General Ledger



Career Option After Course
Serial No. DESIGNATION Knowledge Level
1 Account Executive/Manager Perfect Knowledge
2 Finance Manager Perfect Knowledge
3 Senior Accountant Perfect Knowledge
4 Part-Time Accountant Perfect Knowledge
5 Banking Executive. Perfect Knowledge
6 Store Manager Perfect Knowledge
7 HR Manager Perfect Knowledge
8 Warehouse Executive Perfect Knowledge
9 Manager For Retail Operation Perfect Knowledge
10 Payroll Accountants Perfect Knowledge
11 Tax Accountants Perfect Knowledge
12 Audit Assistant/Audit Clerk Trainee
13 Assistant to C.A /Advocate Trainee
14 Assistant to Advocate Trainee
15 Junior Accountant Trainee
16 Data Entry Operator Trainee
17 Billing Executive Trainee


Institute of Professional certificate institute iso 9001:2008 certified & regd. From punjab govt.) 

Would be issued to the students. That certificate will be valid in India & abroad.

Certificate will be issued only those students who will satisfactory complete the 

courses and passing exams.

Learn Complete Accounting and Taxation System with Industry Experts.

Who Can Join QUICKBOOKS Course with GST?
Anyone :- who wants to learn and perform accounting, inventory and taxation work on Quickbooks.
 Any one above 18 years of Age and who has passed class 12th can do this course.
Even non-commerce student can do this course as we have started from very basic of accounting.
Accountants :- Accounting Job Persons, Tax Consultants, Chartered Accountants,
Cost Accountants, or any other professional who need to work on Quickbooks Software.
Even House wives and retired people can do this course.
Commerce Students :- Every commerce students must learn Quickbooks  Course with GST,
 because majority of Indian Small and Medium Businesses use Quickbooks for their Day to Day Accounting work.
Business Owners :- Even if a business owner or top management don’t do data entry work in Quickbooks,
 then need to have knowledge of Tally Software so that they can analyze data, keep an eye on cash and fund flows, profits, finance, reporting and other valuable information that helps them in Decision helps them in Decision Making.

Job Assistant will definitely be Provided We Also Placed more than 9500+ candidates in last 20 Year

The company has trained and benefited a large number of participants in various offices, industries Firms in the past years. Our courses in financial accounting, Banking and Taxation have been most successful and popular than the other computer centers in the city. Large number of our Ex-students is working in different sectors as a Asst. Accountant, Accountant, Part/Full time Accountant, Accounts Executive & Accounts officers”. In and around Patiala, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Noida,  Banglore, New Delhi ,Faridabad & Abroad  US ,Canada ,U.k, Australia,Newzeeland, South-East Africa, Duabi .

Our Skill

The course is guided by experienced  Accountants having experience of more than 26 year. Teachers Trained by Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd Banglore.








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